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The 1st International Congress & Fair on Water, Waste and Energy Management ( ) is organized by teachers and researchers of the C3i/IPP (Portalegre, Portugal) and the Extremadura University (Spain) together with Armonía, Gestión Integral de Eventos. This event has the objective to join academics, researchers and scientists of several universities in an international forum to discuss matters related to the indicated areas and also to present results of researches held in these subjects.


The international fair, is made for the companies that want to expose their products and/or services, know-how, methods, related to the areas of management of energy, water and waste.


We believe that we must rethink, personally, institutionally and corporately, the management that we make of the water we use, the waste we generate and the energy that we have available. That’s why we have created this congress and this fair, that we hope can be part of our contribution for a more efficient use of this resources – yes, waste can also be a resource.

The presentation of the papers will be made orally or by means of panels or posters. The publication will be made not only in the summary book but also in CD-ROM format with the whole content of the papers. Therefore, those communications having enough quality (once the revision process is passed) will have the possibility of being published in International Journals.

Finally, on behalf of the Organizing Committee we would like to invite all the Scientific Community to participate in this project, presenting papers or communications related to any of the proposed areas.



The Organizing Committee


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