Legal Data and virtual TPV

1) Legal data

Name of the company: ScienceKNOW Conferences

Address: Jose de Manyanet Square, ES06006 Badajoz, Spain, EU

VAT number: E06678379

Registered in Badajoz, Spain, EU


2) General Sales Conditions

General Sales Conditions

1- General:

The general sales conditions are applicable to all conference fees or sponsorships related to the scientific conferences organized by ScienceKNOW Conferences C.B. with  VAT number E06678379, onwards ScienceKNOW, to individuals or entities from worldwide.

All requests made to ScienceKNOW, imply the acceptance by the client/attendee to the conference, of the General Sales Conditions of ScienceKNOW, on the day when the registration on the conference is made, or/and in the day the payment of the fee is made and/or when the corresponding invoice is issued. The client/attendee accepts that the acceptance of the mentioned conditions will involve the applying of the conditions to the corresponding conference fee or sponsorship, as well as to any other transactions made by the client/attendee and ScienceKNOW with exception to the cases in which new conditions are defined by ScienceKNOW and communicated to the client/attendee. If ScieneKNOW doesn't apply in a determinate moment any of the present conditions can't be interpreted as and won't be equal to a renounce to this conditions in any moment.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction: The interpretation and execution of the conditions, as well as all acts that are it's consequences, will be submitted to the Spanish laws, unless there are public policy provisions contrary to them. 

2- Prices:

The fees indicated on the Websites of the congresses, conferences or courses organized by ScienceKNOW are expressed in Euros and are valid, with exception to typos.

3- Methods of payment:

When a registration is made, the client can select one of the following methods of payment to ScienceKNOW: 

Bank Transfer

Internacional Banking Account Number (IBAN): ES14 0075 1254 7406 0007 3613

Bank Identification Code (BIC): POPUESMM

Payment with credit or debit card

Payment by Paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4- Product:

The courses, congresses or conferences organized by ScienceKNOW and it's fees are the product of the company. ScienceKNOW reserves the right to modify the conference fees depending on the needs in each different edition of the conference.

5- Invoices:

The invoices for each registration, must be requested filling the corresponding form on the website of each conference, congress or course.

6- Cancelation policy

Regardless of what has been said, and from this moment, I send you detailed policy our cancellation

1) Registrations cancelled before June 15th will be refunded on 100%.

2) Registrations cancelled between 15-30th June, will be refunded 75%.

3) Registrations cancelled between 1-10th July, will be refunded 25% of the registration fee.

4) As of July 10th nothing will be refundedIn the 2nd, 3rd and 4th cases, we will send you by post to the address you indicate us, the merchandisingof the conference and your abstract/s will also be published in the e-book of the conference.

INVOICING: We inform you that no invoices will be made from 3rd July to 27th July or while the congress is taking place. 

Please ask for your INVOICE in:

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.